Sunny winter with sweet deal

Experts say that the Algarve has about 300 sunny days in a year. Although, it’s been harder to predict when those sunny days will be, it is a fact that the average temperature is higher than it used to be. Global warming or just “messed up weather” is a reality.

The good news is: if you need a break from the cold, this just might be it. Good food, sunny weather, empty beaches, quiet times… So, why not planning ahead – or just keeping that in mind for the upcoming winter season. Casa aOrta (well, Lília, in fact) has a super deal for you: 3 or more nights, for 59*€/night at Casa aOrta, with breakfast and lunch or dinner, transfer to and from the airport and day trips included. This is the price for a group of 4 persons.

Like the sound of it? Contact via email or phone anytime!

Winter deal - promotion from November to March - 59€/night

Winter deal – promotion from November to March, come for 59€/night with a lot of perks included

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