Sonets – Sonetos

Sonets is one of the rooms for guests at Casa aOrta Bed&Breakfast. The writer of these sonets, Florbela Espanca, was one of the greatest Portuguese poetess, the first one to have that recognition. She looked frail, yet her words were at the same time fierce and loving. This single room, in the heart of Faro, intends to mirror that personality of hers.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find an English translation of her Sonets, so here’s my own free translation.

To be poet


To be poet is to be taller, bigger

than Men! To bite as one kisses!

To be a beggar and give as if

King of the Kingdom of Before and Beyond Pain!


It is to have splendor out of one thousand desires

and not even know what one wishes for!

It is to have deep inside a flaming star.

It is to have claws and wings of condor!


It is to be hungry, it is to be thirsty of Infinite!

As helmet, the golden and satin mornings…

It is to condense the world in one single scream!


And it is to love you, like this, hopelessly…

It is you being soul, and blood, and life in me

And telling so singing to everybody!

Sonetos, Florbela Espanca.


Mirror on the single room "Sonets"

Mirror on the single room “Sonets”


If you’d like to book this room, please drop me a line.

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